FrenchToGo teachers

All our French as a foreign language teachers are university graduates and have years of experience of teaching French. They are also very knowledgeable about their region, their city and look forward to helping you discover it.

Our teaching methods

Our teaching is based on a very hands-on, functional approach: you will enhance your French language skills, especially listening and speaking, by experiencing real situations.

Learning or perfecting your language knowledge takes place during guided tours, walks and tasting sessions. These all provide you with the opportunity to acquire, improve and put your language tools (grammar, vocabulary, socio-cultural knowledge) into practice in fun, engaging situations. Handling the language in an authentic context helps you to gain confidence in yourself and in your French skills.

Over the 3 days, FrenchToGo will allow you to discover a new city and to express yourself in French about subjects as diverse as French culture, local traditions, history, wine or art.

FrenchToGo : Intelligent language tourism

FrenchToGo is both a language lesson and an in-depth discovery of a region and a city.

It is a unique and enriching experience that will help you to express yourself naturally and fluently and to develop your oral comprehension of French in a fun, culture-oriented way.

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