FrenchToGo in Bordeaux – My experience at La cité du vin

Are you thinking about going to Bordeaux for a weekend city break – do what I did and go on a FrenchToGo language weekend with alpha.b! It was the perfect combination of being able to tour a city with your own private and knowledgeable guide, while also being able to improve my rather rusty French whilst exploring the wine capital of the world with a qualified French teacher.

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The weekend started on Friday, and on Saturday, we visited the Cité du Vin. There were so many amazing and interesting things to do, see and learn at the Cité du Vin that I could go on for hours, but I will try and keep it brief and captivating.

We arrived at the building of the Cité du Vin after a walk along the Garonne river. From far-off, I was immediately hooked by the stunning, glass-fronted, strange shape of the building, and I was definitely not disappointed by the inside.

There was a vast, modern library where I could have easily spent the whole day surrounded by books about wine. There was the wine bottle display room with its walls completely lined with deep-red bottles, not to mention the two semi-circular displays in the centre of the room where one could meander.

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Not forgetting the breath-taking belvédère room on the 8th floor, where you could walk the whole circumference of the glass windows, getting a 360° view of Bordeaux. And this was after you were stunned by the belvédère ceiling with clear wine bottles hanging from it.

Once my general amazement at the building has settled in, we were ready to take part in an interactive day of discovering everything you need to know about wine.

There were interactive displays, videos and 360° cinema rooms where we learnt about the history and evolution of wine and winemaking, heard testimonials of wine-makers and tested our knowledge in interactive quizzes and games.

We took part in smelling and tasting workshops to try different types of wine too! This was definitely my favourite part as we had to breathe in from a trumpet-shaped pipe petruding from a class case which a bizarre but enjoyable experience. And then who doesn’t enjoy tasting wine from Bordeaux!

I would recommend going to Bordeaux on a FrenchToGo course so much, as I did all the normal city break things but with the massive advantage of being able to speak French with a qualified tacher and effectively having a private tour guide with me the whole time to tell me all the things I would have otherwise missed out on.

Natasha, 25, UK

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