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After an all together fabulous FrenchToGo language weekend in Bordeaux with alpha.b visiting le Cité du vin, having a lunch river cruise on the Garonne and much more, whilst also improving my French, on the final morning we all went for a lovely breakfast together -the perfect end to my perfect Bordelaise weekend.

After a refreshing morning walk along the Garonne from La Place de la Bourse along the Quai Richlieu, reliving the best bits, we wandered up Cours Victor Hugo and ended up in the quaint and cute Place Meynard and found possibly one of the best boulangeries in Bordeaux for a long, restful and reflective breakfast.

Our boulangerie of choice was called La Boulangerie Saint Michel which quite possibly had something to do with its amazing location next to the stunning Basilique Saint-Michel that we had seen during our lunch river cruise– not a bad view to have over breakfast. Here I took my last opportunity of speaking French for a while and asked our brilliant teacher and tour guide a bit more about the gothic Basilique Saint-Michel. I learnt that it was built between the 14th and 16th century but that the separate bell tower, which is 114 meters tall, was built in the 15th century. The stained-glass windows were apparently destroyed during the bombardment of 1940, but on a happier note, the pulpit represents Saint Michael slaying the dragon.

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But back to our lovely breakfast and what a lovely breakfast it was! It was very open and light inside and with their pastries and baked goods on display, it just smelled so delicious and comforting. And as for the food, everything was absolutely divine! I enjoyed a coffee and a selection of delicious pastries – we all had a little feast of freshly baked French goods and after tasting our way around Bordeaux, I think we could say that we hadn’t found a nicer place yet. There were croissants and pain au chocolats bien sûr, but there were also pain au raisins, jam and custard pain au raisins too, and a sort of custard tart with almonds and icing sugar. There were also huge bouquets of baguettes, boules, brown loaves – so much choice! Sitting in the warm morning sun, surrounded by locals having their coffees, we really did feel as if we had become a little more French during the FrenchToGo weekend.


I really can’t think of a better way to end such a great FrenchToGo weekend than with a delicious breakfast in a beautiful corner of Bordeaux and chatting in French about the history and culture of the city.





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