Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez


After reading about the secrets of the old-town and Fenocchio’s, you must be wondering what else is in store for your FrenchToGo weekend in Nice. On Saturday, your teacher will take you and the other FrenchToGo participants to explore the hill-top area of Cimiez, North-East from the town-centre.

Cimiez is one of the places in Nice where you can rub shoulders with the ancient past of the city and with the civilisations that were here before. It was the ancient Roman city of Cemenelum and there are still ruins that one can visit today, but there are also much more vibrant and lively places for spending an afternoon in Cimiez. One place that sticks out as a place where history combines with the living present to contiune to give enjoyment, is le Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez.

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The town of Nice acquired the 9550m2, Italian-style, Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez during the 20th century when the Benedictine monastry’s outbuildings were transformed into a public garden. The beautiful former vegetable garden and orchard of the monastry still retain their original layout, with the central well and pergolas.

There is a miriad of ways to serenely pass an afternoon in the Jardin du Monastère.

    • You can wander through the linear rows of orange trees, pomegranates and lemon trees, breathing in the unique fragrances and, during the right season, spying the first fruits of the year.
    • There are the straight, rectangular rows of low flowerbeds, bursting with colour and just clammering to be admired in the bright sunshine.
    • Then there is the stunning rose garden, with arbours trailing with elegant blooms and the clusters of wait-high roses across the lawn, you can easily lose yourself in the peace and calm of this beautifully and delicately perfumed atmosphere- its not wonder that the rose garden attracts many newly-weds for their photo shoots in this goregous setting.

  • For the slightly more curious among you, a little secret garden with two water fountains, flower beds, low hedges and symmetrical pathways inlaid with pebbles, is hidden near at end bottom of the main walkway.
  • If strolling through endless beds of vibrant flowers sounds a little too strenuous for you, one can sit in the shade of an arbour, feeling the prescence of history whilst enjoying the spectacular view of the East of the town with a backdrop glistening azur sea.

If you would like to discover the stunning Jardin du Monastère or any other part of Cimiez, why not join us on our FrenchToGo language weekend in Nice, and maybe next time it will be you enjoying the delights of Cimiez with your French teacher.












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